• Replacement Cycling Accessories For Non Fault Accidents

Replacement Cycling Accessories For Non Fault Accidents

CSS provide a fully comprehensive Collision Cover package. Not only do you get a replacement cycle (non fault accidents) but with CSS you also get any damaged accessories replaced. Helmets, Clothing, Video Cams and anything else of that nature that has been damaged by no fault of your own. We know what your entitlements are so we ensure that they are met by the at fault party.

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Your Cycling Accessories Replaced (Non-Fault Accidents)

CSS (Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a complete Non Fault Collision Management Service.

The replacement of your Cycling Accessories is an important part of that service.

Whether you’re out cycling as an individual or out cycling with the entire family CSS will be there to support you in the event of an accident regardless of whose fault it is.

What does this mean?

CSS is part of the RTR (Road To Recovery) Group of companies one of which is an Accident Management Company. RTR has been at the forefront of Accident Management for over a decade and has helped and supported more than 100,000 motorists during that time.

Over the last 10 years the Claims Industry has undergone a complete facelift and has been totally re-structured in a bid to rid itself of the unsavoury characters and companies that looked to exploit it. We are still not where we want to be but progress has been made.

Why the industry is over complicated I don’t know but the simple facts are these.

If a person is involved in any kind of accident that is of no fault of their own then they are automatically entitled to have any damaged goods replaced and any injuries minor or serious compensated for.

This includes your Cycling Accessories whether they were being worn or attached to your person or cycle at the time of the incident. The value of such items will be assessed by an independent damage assessor.

Most claims companies overlook these items as they can be of very little monetary value. WE DON’T

Securing the reimbursement of such funds is part and parcel of your CSS Membership

For more details please Tel: 0870 474 0148

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National Cyclist Support Solutions

CSS – (Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a fully comprehensive wrap-around support package to all of the UK’S Cyclists. Rescue and Repair Services, Collision Cover, Replacement Cycles and Accessories, GPS Locator App and a whole lot more. Annual Membership starts from as little as £19.99. Register Today! and get yourself protected.

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