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CSS provide a GPS Locator Service that covers the whole of the UK. With over 800 National Service Operators CSS will always be on hand to locate and rescue you once they receive your coordinates via their mobile app. Just download the FREE app once your membership has been activated.

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FREE Mobile GPS Locator App – Full UK Coverage

CSS (Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a complete wrap around support program for the UK cyclist.

Our GPS Locator App is an integral part of the service as it provides us with your location coordinates should you find yourself in any kind of distress.

Whether you’re out cycling as an individual or out cycling with the entire family CSS will be there to support you and 5 other family members if necessary.

What does this mean?

CSS is part of the RTR (Road To Recovery) Group of companies one of which is a National Breakdown Company. RTR has an affiliation with over 800 independent Vehicle Recovery Operators each one fully trained to locate and rescue you.

As soon as you activate the distress app CSS will send somebody out to you.

Service personnel can normally get out to you within a 40 minute window.

Once we arrive at the scene we will be able to take care of you whatever your situation

If your incident is of a serious nature then our support staff can (on your behalf) liaise with the necessary emergency services etc.

Whatever the situation we have you covered.

Your CSS Membership covers you for this service

For more details please Tel: 0870 474 0148

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National Cyclist Support Solutions

CSS – (Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a fully comprehensive wrap-around support package to all of the UK’S Cyclists. Rescue and Repair Services, Collision Cover, Replacement Cycles and Accessories, GPS Locator App and a whole lot more. Annual Membership starts from as little as £19.99. Register Today! and get yourself protected.

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