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CSS (National Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a Fully Comprehensive Support Program on a Annual Membership Subscription Basis. The program houses a number of services, all free to use once your membership has been activated. 24/7 Emergency Helpline, Rescue & Repair Services, Mobile GPS Locator App, Collision Cover and Care, Replacement Cycles & Accessories and a whole lot more! subscribe TODAY and receive the protection you deserve.

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CSS – The No1 UK Cyclist Support Program

More than two million adults in England are now riding bikes at least once a week, these are the latest results from revealed today.

Even so continued perceptions about cycling being an unsafe activity are also having a knock-on effect in preventing people from getting on bikes.

While cycling is as safe as walking, our annual cycling research results show that around 900,000 women would like to take up cycling but are being prevented from doing so because of safety fears. read more stats

It would be fair to say that most motorists look upon cyclists as second hand citizens. Cyclists are nothing but a nuisance (they Say) and should be run off the roads. A mindset that is sad but very true and you only have to run a few searches on Google to get some verification on this.


 CSS (Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a complete wrap around support program for all UK cyclists.

We can’t guarantee your safety but we can go a long way in supporting you whatever your situation.

The Support program provided by CSS is made up of 6 vital components. 24/7 Help & Support – 24/7 Rescue & Repair – Mobile GPS Locator App – Collision Cover & Care – Replacement Cycles (Non fault) and Replacement Accessories (Non Fault)

Combining these 6 components under 1 umbrella is what puts CSS’S Support Program head and shoulders above the rest.

We are can’t make the roads any safer but we can certainly provide backup if and when you need it.

We have Single Memberships, Couples Memberships as well as Family Memberships

Subscribe TODAY! and receive the HELP & PROTECTION you deserve

For more details please Tel: 0870 474 0148

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National Cyclist Support Solutions

CSS – (Cyclist Support Solutions) provide a fully comprehensive wrap around support package to all of the UK’S Cyclists. Rescue and Repair Services, Collision Cover, Replacement Cycles and Accessories, GPS Locator App and a whole lot more. Annual Membership starts from as little as £19.99. Register Today! and get yourself protected.

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